Yio Chu Kang Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps (YCKSS NPCC) is a co-curricular activity that emphasises on the faculties of the physical, psychological and social development of its cadets. 

The programmes are crafted to ensure the growth of our cadets by instilling in them knowledge and skills in 5 Social-Emotional Competencies: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision-Making.

Furthermore, there are visits to the various departments under Singapore’s Home Team which widen the cadets’ knowledge of Singapore’s multiplicity of purpose and the mission to bring about a safe and secure best home to Singaporeans. 

Through our holistic and structured programmes, YCKSS NPCC aims to equip and empower cadets to stretch beyond one’s limit and reach beyond greater heights.

Teachers-In-Charge Training Days/Time (2015)
Mr Chan Soon Weng
Mr Simon Foo Sian Kok
Mr Muhammad Redzuan
Ms Chia Yi Ying
Ms Nadhirah

Tuesday (2.45pm – 6pm)

Committee Members

OC Mr Chan Soon Weng
Deputy OC Mr Simon Foo Sian Kok
Teacher Officer Mr Muhammad Redzuan
Mr Ng Yongyi
Ms Chia Yi Ying
Cadet Inspector Tan Michelle
Ang Hiap Lee
Lim You Xun
Admin Committee Leshawn Yap
Karenis Oh
Logistics Committee Tham Ming Wei
Muhammad Kasyful
Training Field Committee Bernard Wong
Raven Ishwar
Training Development Committee Karenis Oh
Thien Yu Heng
Squad Leaders Leshawn Yap
Thien Yu Heng
Hakim B Mansor
Tham Ming Wei
Karenis Oh
Bernard Wong
Raven Ishwar

Key Events and Programmes

Adventure Camps

  • The Adventure Training Camp (ATC) and Survival Training Camp (STC) are annual camps organised for cadets to participate in. They are held in NPCC Camp Resilience in Pulau Ubin. The Secondary Two cadets will go for the ATC, while the Secondary Three cadets will go for the STC.
  • Cadets will be able to experience various rope obstacle courses, kayaking, jetty jump and many more. These programmes are aimed to develop the cadets’ ruggedness, self-reliance, resilience, teamwork and leadership skills. 

Revolver Shooting

  • NPCC cadets will have a chance to shoot the .22 revolver during their second and third year.
  • It is an experience that many cadets look forward to where they are able to fire a real weapon.
  • There is also an annual .22 resolver shooting competition held by the HQ for cadets to compete with one another.

Inter-Unit Competitions

  • NPCC HQ also organises national-based competitions for all units to come together and compete among each other. These competitions allow cadets to make new friends, share experiences and strengthen the camaraderie among the corps.
  • The various competitions are listed below:
    • Campcraft
    • Inter-Unit Quiz
    • Inter-Unit Drill 
    • Inter-Area Project

Our Proudest Moments

2006 Silver Award
2007 Silver Award
2008 Silver Award
2009 Silver Award
2010 Silver Award
2011 Silver Award
2012Silver Award
2013 Silver Award
2014Silver Award